Eth sent but not received on Twallet

2 days ago, I sent 0.01777221 ETH from Tokocrypto to Trust wallet but I haven’t received yet till today

app version 1.29.3

my ETH address: 0x56e8D228a6df00e4baEc8717c9558804183b9354

Txid on Tokocrypto :

Transaction ID on tokocrypto

it happened before last this Sunday, but the eth received after 1 day
But this time already been 2 days I still not receiving my ETH

I tried to contact them but they replied the fund was sent there’s nothing they can help

Hello please check your wallet again as your funds have been received to your address
and Transaction ID

@JennyMillan I am trying to send ethereum from trust wallet to my address on binance but transaction keeps failing. How can you be of help?
Address on binance is 0x43144439609306d21963ef059b4e0f07e56469b9

What error did you encounter? Was this due to low gas fees? Kindly confirm