ETH sent via Mantle network not received (Withdrawal from Bybit to Trust Wallet)

He everybody,
Would any of you be so kind and help me to understand what I did acctualy wrong during my last fund transfer from Bybit to Trust Wallet?

Here are some details:

Several days ago I wanted to withdraw my purchased ETH on Bybit and send it to the TrustWallet.

I chose to transfer my ETH via Mantle Network (because of 0 fee) and now it seems it is stuck on the network. I don’t understand in what state it is the transaction right now, because according to Bybit the transfer was successfully finished.
I can clearly see it on Mantle explorer: Transaction 0x5cd6ce62ae1fc7e2af5f09d4ec0c56033a097ff2376b2e6ea25286290cd1be9b - Mantle Explorer but this transaction has not been received yet.

Here are some details:
Txid: 0x5cd6ce62ae1fc7e2af5f09d4ec0c56033a097ff2376b2e6ea25286290cd1be9b
Wallet address: 0xB315F64De7aC01d574958EE7942b1eB5251C0bAe

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Hello @Mazzy
Unfortunately Trust wallet doesn’t support that network, you need to find a wallet that does and import your keys there.

Hey Toby, same problem with me Bybit ->Mantle-> Trust Wallet - lost transaction.

TXID 0x3a6eaffb14c6319c66c9f037dc6507e4f435dea15fec20a19b70e01bb474b50e

No chance to see it in Trust wallet?

@Alex1231 You’d need to find a wallet that supports that network as Trust wallet doesn’t support it yet.

But in the wallet there is option to receive mantle and there is adresd with mentioning that only mnt could be sent to this address. Can’t attach prscr.

@Alex1231 My bad, that was my mistake.
It is supported and you can add the token you sent manually

Can you give some hints how to add token manually? no any clue how can i do this.

@Alex1231 Please check the guide i attached above.