Eth to foundation wallet?


I had some ETH in my wallet which I wanted to send but had no bnb at that time. I purchased some BNB for fees once it got deposited my ETH got sent to a ETH foundation wallet. How did it happen and how do I get it back ? Its on the BNB chain. This is the transaction ID 0xcb0e01e3a0df20ecb74eb989f1e907e5f5ff927c9609405d4b5ca8b175cb8691

Appreciate the help.


@papaiza Your tokens were sent here:

  • 0x3Fe0C6878eada4b754d1EA782130C9B5AEe49908

If you do not recognize the transaction, then your wallet may be compromised and you need to stop using it immediately and create a new one.

But why once i received some bnb, eth was immediately transferred before I did anything.
Eth became weth.

Please advice the destination address.
Does it belong to trustwallet or weth eth foundation.
As i mentioned above the moment i bought some bnb, it went to that destination.

Thank you.

@papaiza Like I said above, if you didn’t authorise the transaction, then your wallet is compromised, please create a new wallet.