ETH transaction log not showing in TrustWallet

There is a transaction made on January 6st that is now showing in my Trust Wallet.
My balance is reflecting the transaction but no log of it. last log seen is dated on December 25ft.

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Hello @Steevo22
Sorry for the inconvenience. We have launched our own transaction indexer and sometimes the transaction history of some tokens are not shown.

Hi… newbie here… need help… how to transfer the iwatch wallet as they say to another wallet? What is the proper procedure? Pls help🙏… thanks.

You can’t send funds out of a watch wallet because you have no access to it.
You need to have the recovery keys to your watch wallet first then import it before you can send your funds out.

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Hi i created a new wallet to get my recovery phrases. Could it be possible to transfer the fund? How can i do that? I am in despair to get the fund because in need the money. I have an emergency. Please help me.

Can you better explain what the issue is here?