ETH transaction never finishes

I have used the Spanish exchange Bit2Me to send a certain amount of ETH to TrustWallet, but the transaction never completes, and thus it takes more than 3 hours.

It is a legit site that I used since 2017, and I had no problems when sending ETH to MetaMask.

So is normal this delay for sending ETH to TrustWallet?. In Etherscan the progress bar in the queue goes up and down as you please:

Transaction Hash:

What is the problem with this transaction, and how can I solve it?. The transaction will finish or will not?.

Apparently, according to Etherscan, the transaction is of type 2 (EIP-1559), but today I discovered (due to the complaint of another user) that TrustWallet does not support that protocol, that they still use “legacy” (txnType 0), which I think unbelievable…

So is this is true, the reason for the transaction is never finalized is because of this incompatibility?. And how does TrustWallet take responsibility?, because nowhere inside or outside the application they warn that it does not support transactions of the EIP-1559 type and you will lose your money for transfering ETH with that protocol. I hope this is not true…

Hello @pitoloko this is not Trust Wallet issue nor EIP-1559. The problem is that, your transaction sent with very low gas fee ( 87.017 Gwei) while currently low gas fee recommended low gas fee is ~150 to 160 gwei.

This is your transaction fee for this transaction. And it is set to 87 Gwei maximum.

This is current recommended gas fee.

What to do: you have to contact sender to increase gas fee for this transaction.

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You can track real-time gas fee here: 136 Gwei | Ethereum Gas Tracker | Etherscan


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The transaction now got this status: “dropped and replaced”


And the other link I put in my first comment just dissappeared!

I didn’t received the ETH in my wallet, and I don’t have the ETH returned to the Bit2Me exchange.

Should I be worried?. What to do now?.

If I understood right, it is responsability of the exchange to specify a proper gas fee for the transaction so I can legally reclaim my money reporting this to law enforcement because they failed the transaction due a very low / not recommended gas fee?.

@pitoloko seems like pending transaction was canceled. Here’s transaction: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

And again… we have nothing to do from our side. Your Eth never touched your trust Wallet address.
Contact your sender to send your ETH with proper gas fees.

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