Eth transaction

Hello, today I tried to send eth to binance account and when submitting transaction I lowered gas price and showed me that my transaction will need more than 2 hours, that’s why I submitted second transaction with higher gas price, but I didn’t know that I should set nonce same as first transaction, else my second transaction won’t execute until first will finish, then I made third transaction and I set it’s nonce 1, as first one’s was. Then my third transaction executed, first one was canceled, because they had same nonce, but second transaction is now pending, because it has higher nonce than other transaction which already executed. Because my third transaction was successful I withdrawn all my eth and now my trust wallet eth address is empty. Could you tell me please when system will see that my eth balance is zero and my transaction is pending will it ask me to pay fine? I am asking this because I don’t want my balance to be negative or something like that, or it will just cancel my transaction? Also trust wallet already showed me notification that my transaction was failed, but writes that my transaction is dropped, but still pending. Thanks for your help in advance.

  1. 1.26.5;



Hi @dimitri,

It looks like you were able to successfully send out your BUSD and ETH. There are no pending transactions already. Also, it is not possible for your balance to be negative, so there is nothing to worry about.