Ethereum 2. 0 and it's works

I’ll love to understand why Eth 2.0 didn’t change any fact in the Eth network. I mean changes was supposed to be made on the gas fee but nothing still… Vitali is a great man but he should try and help in the gas fee network. It doesn’t help matters at all


You are absolutely right I thought as much, I left ethereum network since mid 2020 because of the same reason, where I have to pay half or more of my transaction as gas fee, I left them for bsc because its cheaper and hoping ethereum 2.0 will be better, for now am still going to stay away from eth network a far as i can and by the way bSC has so much to offer.


Hopefully they would work on that, mind you the traffic on Ethereum network is huge compared to bsc which just started recently.

All in all its a nice post @Joshie and amazing reaction from you @Bolaji877