Ethereum 2.0 is coming

Ethereum 2.0 Contract has been activated upon receipt of 524288 ETH deposited for genesis mining.

As per plan, Eth2.0 launch will happen after 7 days. Considering the bull run has started already, what are your thoughts on Ethereum considering that it is going to solve earlier issues and world is adopting it with open arms now.

Ethereum 2.0 Contract

Ethereum 2.0 official website

This clearly shows that the belief of people in Crypto currency is getting stronger and this will lead to more adoption especially with institutional investors bringing in their huge funds.

Happy days are coming ! Are you a Hodler :sunglasses:


Nothing would bring the unbelievers to their knees like eth 2.0 mandalla pos will be brought to reality in a larger scale…

I wish I had eth like a 1000 eth :pensive::pensive::pensive:


Thanks for the update man. Bless up.