Ethereum gas fee

Is there any way to reduce ethereum gas fee for each transaction since the gas fee increases most of the time

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There is no way to reduce the gas fees of ethereum because the price is hiking and the fees too

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There is burh the consequences are the transaction might be delayed.

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There is but if you reduce it, it will certainly not get to the destination on time. In my opinion, BCH remains the best with very low transaction fee. Maybe you convert to bch

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You can use a link to know the price gas in real time:

Trust Wallet uses a complex algorithm to automatically calculate the most efficient (speed/cost) network fees for you. We discourage you from changing these, as your transaction might get stuck and not picked up by the network.

Read more here: Sending Cryptocurrencies


Reducing gas fee means it will take time to confirm your transaction but yes you can always edit the fees if you are using wallet like metamask or trust wallet.

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Gas fee is outrageous

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No much competition on ethereum right now. No much alternative. It will change soon enough

Maybe we need to demo vitalik😂

I think we only need time to see the gass fee Will be drop again to 10gwei areas…
Nothing to do, if everyone still making much transaction use ERC20 Platform, the gass fee still Stable or it keep going up .

If you try to reduce the gass fee, there is possibility that your transaction might be stucked

You can change the transaction fees by reducing the gwei but make sure that you do not reduce it below the safe rate. The decrease in gwei and transaction fees takes more time for the transaction to be picked up and thus is completed with delay. With centralized exchanges this is fixed, you can you