Ethereum gas fees seriously affecting smart contracts communities

Why is that ethereum miners are very greedy, the rate at which they charge gas fees is outrageous and not acceptable to trust wallet users, I am suggesting that trust wallet must regulate gas fees charges.


In what way if I may ask, if trust wallet is built on an ethereum blockchain how do you suggest they control it hence it’s an open source and a smart contract built on the ether blockchain? Can you pay a visit to your friends house and tell him how you want to be treated?


Cry no more. The solution is here. More health competition by new project would reduce the gas fees in no time

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How do you mean bro. To me I think there should be a way out like you claim. Please how would you love to share if there is a way out to control the gas price.

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Seriously gas fee is outrageous.
I mean its almost x5 of the fee you need to register on a smart contact.
And if you try to reduce it.
I’m afraid it will end on pending transaction.
And you will be charged for network fee.

Its just not cool


I feel your pain. The thing is just annoying. TW has nothing to do with it though


High gas fees doesn’t help we ethereum earners not at all

The problem is that ethereum currently reaches noticable scalability problems. Its not greedy miners, its a question of demand which resulted from the huge ethereum hype this year. Big part was probably the amount of defi projects that are built on ethereum.
Imagine a city going up in flames and the only way out is a single train. People will fight for the tickets and dont care how much it costs them. The highest bidder gets the ticket. it’s the same with ethereum, if everyone is willing to pay high prices, prices will be high.

These days a lot of market maker are doing yield farming and arbitrage with stablecoinsby doing loads of automated transactions in milliseconds with only tiny margins of profit. But on a large scale they still make ridiculous amounts of profit and pay thousands of dollars in eth fees. But who cares if the profit outshines the costs?
You can see some youtubers outline these strategies. But its not for the average person like you and me, you need very high investment capital to profit from it.
Hope this helps understand the problem :slight_smile:

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