Ethereum gas or fees for sending

Help me on sending. I am sending and make pending then after a time it become error so please help me


It happens. Pending transaction might be due to the preference of miners confirming transactions with higher gas fee than lower ones.

You’ve got three options:
Wait for a while
Resend or recreate the transaction
Cancel the transaction


How to cancel transaction because the first two doesn’t work.

Maybe network, u can wait little bit then retry it again


Ok let me doy it again

Only unconfirmed transactions can be cancelled.

Cancellation of unconfirmed transactions can be done in two possible ways:
Replace by fee (RBF) protocol where the gas fees is replaced with much higher gas fee. This is for the blockchain that supports the protocol.
Double spending with a higher gas fee: for a blockchain that supports this, it is done by sending same amount of crypto as the original one but with a much higher gas fees to yourself. It is advised to do this from a different wallet.


I am.not getting well sir please explain it well

Trying resending same amount but with higher gas fee


Ahh I understand but it is the loss

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If you actually wait up after a while these processes correct itself sometimes it has happened to lately a transactions that wrote pending a for a long time then says failed eventually went by itself after 3hours without resending … Sometimes the heavy transactions on the Blockchain and traffics using the Ethereum Blockchain are the cause of these things and often delay our transaction but remember it only happens once in while…

For me what I wish we discuss and bring to the attention of the wallet community is the excessive Gas Fees or Network fees that’s sometimes higher than the actual payment or 2times the amount to pay on the Trust Wallet…

Is there anything that could be done to help this without reducing gas fee cos I don’t really like such act… Can the gas feeds be more relative to the amount sent


Search Why is my Transaction Pending? You will get detailed post :point_up_2:


What about transaction error