[Ethereum] Internal Transactions not showing on the wallet

I sent ETH to my Trust Wallet and I have not received the money. Its status appears in the block explorer as “internal transaction”.

I think I have already spoken with you earlier.
Do you still need assitance for this issue?

Como se soluciona este tema? A mi tambien me paso

Can you explain your issue and provide the following so that we can assist:

  1. Trust Wallet app version
  2. Crypto address
  3. Transaction ID (if you have any)

Yo ya hable con soporte me pidieron estos datos…los pase y me dijieron que si bien estaban hechas correctamente la transacciones l wallet no las muestra porque son internas…osea las ejecuta un smart contract…la pregunta es como hago uso de esas monedas si la app no me las muestra?

  1. Versión de la aplicación Trust Wallet
  2. Dirección de cifrado
    Address 0xCDc594808A3247384a3d0958c00f54cA040E1B63 | Etherscan
  3. ID de transacción (si tiene alguna)

El problema aquí es que la aplicación no muestra las transacciones entrantes. Eso es.
Los ETH que se transfirieron internamente ya forman parte de su saldo de ETH.
Se pueden usar en cualquier momento que desee.

The issue here is that the app does not display the incoming transactions. That is it.
The ETH that was transferred internally are already part of your ETH balance.
They can be used anytime that you want.

you said the balance can be used any time but I can’t seem to use mine for over 24 hours pls I need an urgent answer

Any balance sent to your ETH address is already useable, even if the transaction is not shown on the app.
Learn more here: