Ethereum Meta showing wrong balanace


I need assistance, my ethereum Meta (ETHM)


It’s showing the wrong balance??

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bscsan link: 0xaeeacfc629ffaafae58f1d89c0ed3e7a6c1da4494718e718936ec4238022f520
Similar here. I tried a transaction and it shows as success but am stuck. PLease anyone help

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hello… i bought (i dont know why) some ethereum meta and when i went in trust wallet again it was worth more than 1000$ but when i go to exchange it in pancake swap its worth less that 10$… coinmarketcap has the same numbers lika trust wallet and when i put the amount of coin i own i my portofolio it shows more than 1000$ of worth… wtf ?? can anyone explain pls.?

Hello @konstantinosk1990 trust wallet obtains pricing info from CoinMarketCap. If the info is incorrect, reach out project team so that they can correct their token pricing info.