Ethereum reached ATH in average transaction fee.

The average transaction fees charged by Ethereum users reached a brand high level of more than $7.50.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, who is equally congested, called for changes to the structure of cryptocurrency payments from June-July 2020, implying that this high payment might threaten network health.

Buterin proposes a planned 1599 upgrade of Ethereum as a plausible alternative. This idea would lead to burning base transaction fees blockchain to raising the reliance of the miner on it as a source of income.

Source: Blockchair


This alarming high transaction fees are ruining the crypto world. A huge step backwards

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Yes already transaction fee so much high.

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Yeah, it’s annoying. For me, corrently it’s not worth to move eth or tokens from my wallet

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I have some shit tokens in my wallet which makes my portfolio bad. Can’t even think about transferring because of this fees.

A little patience goes a long way, ETH 2.0 LOADING…

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I think everything will be sorted when Ethereum shift to 2.0. No more miner will be required to validate transaction and therefore miners can’t take large amount of feea.