Etherscan block confirmation

Hello, I need help understanding what block confirmation is. On etherscan there is a blue number and a number that next to with “ block confirmation” for example

Block: 1235160 112450 “block confirmation”

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I would like to follow up this question because im dealing with the same question. what is the block confirmations? it can delay the transaction ? I tried to send EMAX coins to exchange that support this coin with correct address, but for some reason the transaction “Sent” but did not “Received” and I see the block confirmation raise each minute that past… even in my trust wallet transactions i see only “Sent”:
Transaction Hash: 0x6e29d8d67aee6f076888a1bd478d116be918e377df8c3c3dd5a25a98087b9b2b
Timestamp: 17 hrs 7 mins ago (May-28-2021 02:12:31 PM +UTC)
Block: 12523283 4583 Block Confirmations

much appriciation for your support.

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@dordordor your transaction was successfully sent from Trust Wallet to your destination address. Contact the destination exchange for support, problem would be on their side.