ETHM Swapped For BNB.. SMH

I have 50,654,756.69 million Ethereum Meta tokens and they’re price is at $0.000003923, so my profit is about $199… How come when I input my Ethereum Meta tokens into pancake to swap for BNB, it’s only trying to give me $0.43 worth??? It seems like every time I try to swap a coin to BNB to cash out, it gives me some bogus LOW number of BNB tokens to receive… What is going on with this?? Why is this always trying to rip me off???


Hello @Ghenry1984
Please read this:


Coin market cap also has $0.000003923, Trust Wallet shows how much for each token and how much mine are worth combined, but when I go to swap them for BNB on pancake swap, I’m getting offered pennies rather than $199.00 like they’re worth…

I responded to this above, it all comes down to the pricing on Coinmarketcap, take note that not all their prices are accurate too.