ETPG did not swap (again)

Time ago I asked here why my Ethereum Gold Project (ETGP) did not swap but I was charged the fees, and someone answered my that I had to approve the token to be spendable before swap; in other words, I have to do the swap two times and pay the gas fees two times, and I have no problem with paying two times the gas fees because that’s how we keep alive the blockchain. However, today when I tried (again) to swap my ETPG to ETH, the approval transaction never appeared and the swap never occurred. I though it would appear if I tried again, but it did not. So I paid again the gas fees but didn’t get the swap (again).

transaction hash of both transactions:

I’m really desperate to cash out the ETPG because it will literally pay my college tuition.

@CryptoPxla191 these are not swapping transactions, you sent tokens to your own address. You have to do same steps as those used during approval. Sending to your own address will not swap them.