Everstake - Staking Service Platform

Everstake operates on the cryptocurrency market for almost two years, and during this time we were able to deploy a comprehensive infrastructure that allows us to run staking operations smoothly, providing reliable and stable services all across the globe.

Mainly our efforts are concentrated around the Tezos ecosystem, which we are actively contributing to in the form of complex analytics tools as well as educational materials. Our current staking service fee for XTZ is set to 5% and considered one of the lowest in the industry.

Besides XTZ our team intensely works on such blockchains as Tron(TRX), Cosmos(ATOM), NEO, EOS, ICON, IoTeX, Decred, IRISnet, and other Proof-of-Stake networks.

We plan to continue working and improving the blockchain technology at a global scale, paving its way into the future by actively working on the development part of the technology, and also by organizing such events as Tezos Eastern European Hackathon, Solana Blockchain Moscow Meetup, NEO Kyiv Meetup and much more.

Everstake doesn’t settle, nor in its activity, skills or software and hardware maintenance, which is ensured by our team of experienced developers and engineers. 99.5% uptime and frequent infrastructure updates will make you confident in your stake.

And in case you run into any issues, our customer support team works 24/7 and will be happy to assist you in resolving problems quickly.

Pick the most promising projects, delegate with Everstake and make 5%-20% annually.

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Website: https://everstake.one

Twitter: @Everstake_pool

Telegram: @Everstake_chat

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