Every time i send bnb to my wallet the automatically get sent to another wallet

Hello guys!
As i mentioned before every time i send bnb to my wallet it gets automatically sent back to another wallet.
How can i fix this issue?
Thanks for you help!
Required info:
My address: 0x3fdcbC255FA4EcAbF94c12ABEf6731D58182c4fa

Trust wallet version: 5.19

@Mokdadhm In regards to the auto-forward of transactions, it is indeed automated by a bot. I highly recommend reading Harry Denley’s article to learn more about it:

You can also reach out to the “White Hat Group” that was mentioned in the article to assist you in regards to the matter.


I got same issues… have you gotten any solutions? i tried beating the bot to it not working


@purple21 Please refer to my response just above yours.

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So white hat group it is right? I tried multiple transactions at a time thinking i can confuse the bot nothing :man_facepalming::man_shrugging: