EVMOS Staking Gone

Hi, the staking option is no longer available for EVMOS starting today. Are there any updates about this? Can EVMOS still be staked in Trust Wallet?

Thank you.


I was wondering the same thing. I clicked on your rewards and surprisingly it opens the stake function. Claim your rewards and stake them. It worked for me today.


Thank you, @Srnorthbay that worked! It seems like for EVMOS they replaced the stake button with tapping the rewards to find all of the options for staking and claiming.

Thanks again!

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Hi @DawiDz , I have been having similar issue for a few days now.

Check out my other post where Alan shares some ideas that may help you.

@DawiDz please, update your app to v7.16.2 and try again.

Thanks all for help it’s working now. Blessings :muscle::raised_hands: I didn’t have an option to upgrade before but it’s available now