Exchange and swap

I think exchanging and swapping of most coins(major coins) should be enable by trust wallet


Yes, Indeed and suređź‘Ť


Yes, this will indeed go a long to allow the user not just exchange but receive coins.


many major coins and token swap trust wallet

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i m agree with you mate

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That will make it easier :+1::+1:

Wait a second, third button on bottom, swap… Feature is there inside the mobile app.

Also, having your tokens in Trust Wallet which is “WalletConnect” compatible, allows you to swap tokens on Uniswap for example. There are other decentralised solutions but this is probably the easiest outside of the App.


Yes it can be done would be developed soon I think

Its already, swapping tokens already available in trust wallet

That’s nice and great man

This is what happens when you give rewards for posting. People post junk and get the reward.

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My issue is the option within the app on my mobile. Doesn’t seem to work, or maybe it’s just my iPhone? Np bringing money in. Just can’t move it around once I get it there. I have a Mac laptop if I need to use it, just like the convenience of the mobile app, if possible

Yeah I agree for your opinion