Exchange doge to trx

Hey guys, i have some doges in my wallet that I wanna exchange for trx but I have no idea o where I can do it, could someone help me? Also do you guys recommend to exchange for other token instead of trx?


You can send doge to and trade to buy trx. withdrawal fee 1 trx


I would go for trx. It has similar uses, like eth. Doge was just a joke and no special purpose


There are some wallets that allows you to swap from different currencies such a Doge to TRX. However, I am looking forward to when Trust would implementing such option because it’s very convenient to just perform a swap within the App rather than to send coin or token to an exchange and then find a buyer.

Atomic Wallet has this feature you need and I hope Trust can become more better integrating swap of different coins and tokens.


TW also allows to do so. There are just no pairs with doge

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