Exchange to USD

The question for me is whether it is possible to exchange Bitcoin to dollars in Trust Wallet without any taxes, to freeze the money, I mean the USD itself, not Tether, because Tether can have a lot of fees to exchange.


You cannot. You’ve to find an exchange to be able to do that. Learn about cashout of your crypto. Just use the community research bar to search it and learn how to cashout your crypto to dollars


Within Trust Wallet it’s not possible but in exchanges like Binance and Luno, you can exchange Bitcoin to USD but you have to pass KYC on these exchanges.


That is not possible but thesame usdt or any other dollar is pegged to real dollar already transaction fee is necessary for validation of transaction so what is the problem sir?

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You can use p2p sites like

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Thanks, so what is the best way to freeze the price for a while?

USD isnt really necessary if you think about it. Both DAI and BUSD are available. Its best to affoid having legal issues with USD which mostly involves KYC.