Exchanger BEP2 To ERC 20

I hope that If we have a way to exchange BEP2 to ERC 20.


This can only be done currently on centralized exchange.
The reason is that, they are on their own separate blockchains.


Hi all,

I did a mistake. I changed bnb to ethbep2 and after I tried to change again ethbep2 in bnb. Now the amount is showed as blocked. What can I do to solve this issue?

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What do you mean blocked? How are you trying to exchange ETH BEP2 to BNB?

Thank you for helping.
I tried to buy bnb using ethbep2.
About blocked see attachment

Iā€™m an idiot. The ethbep2 are now unlocked, can I switch them on Eth?

You can only have it exchanged to native ETH on Binance.
Learn more here: What are Pegged Tokens?

Thank you so much. I study