Exchanges charge higher using them for transactions when moving your coin to wallet

The 100 twt been removed as fee each time we buy from exchange has always been my problem.
If twt is sold directly from the wallet our 100twt won’t be lost at any point or in any transaction to add more twt. All we seek for is the sales of twt from our trust wallet.


Buying directly from the wallet would be amazing.

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I love it. Directly I can buy from trust wallet.


I think this can be done after official news is released. Whatever is going on now with buying and selling is still unofficial.


What you said is actually correct but many persons don’t want to be left out in holding and making profit since no one knows when it will be made official. :trust:


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Hello mate, how did you incorporate this trustwallet image here?

Click on the emoji symbol, then look down of the left column, you should see the symbol there in custom emoji :trust:

I don’t get it. I will keep trying




This is amazing. I just got it now. See it here with my reply :trust:
Woohoo! I got it. Thanks mate

I’ll be using this when i get to level three :trust:

That “still unofficial”, may i explaine a little more, excuse me)
When you sell something to people its must be explained, finished product with uses and potential. If there isnt or its in development there is some countrys, that will think that this sell operation is a cheating and breaking they laws. So team will get some negative consiquences of this move. Any one, who will give a minute to check some economical/crypto news remember not long ago Grams (that crypto by Telegram) vs SEC case. And Binance, as a investor of Truat wallet team is a first one who will see that kinds of risks and will advise to team not to move so fast forward in TWT project. So yes, patience and Work on TWT use cases, economical system design and proposals of it to team are only moves for community to make this TWT real currency, not experimental.

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Soon it will be available