Experiences and Views Since Using Trust Wallet

Dear Trusteers,
Please, can you share with other Community Members, your Experiences, Views, Likes, Expectations, etc, in your usage of Trust Wallet.

I believe, this will be of immense benefit to all parties concerned in this Forum.

Dear Trusteer, what do you think?

Thank you “ALL.”


This is the best place to be. I can’t think of any better mobile wallet.


I haven’t used Trust wallet that much. I mainly used it to store some tokens that I thought might be dead and for NFT’S. However, one of those tokens merged with GAME Credits and all of a sudden I had 3k usd in my Trust wallet.

So I have transferred in and out with no problems and I have received. Also my tokens that were converted to GAME went without any problems, so I was happy with that.

Overall, I have been quite pleased with Trust Wallet and would refer others to it. :sunglasses::+1:


I have been able to consolidate all my wallets in one app, and with their inbuilt browser, I get to watch my rarible/opensea store.

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Its very simple and easy to use

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Trustwallet made me forget other ones. I’m glued to trustwallet app now

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