Export account public key option missing

Hi experts, I’m looking to get the spy. Keys using the account public option. When I go into settings and click on the I icon, I just get the pass phrase view option. Export account public keys option is missing.

Any help is appreciated

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Hello @kyermal account public keys export is no longer supported.


Sorry for the typo. I meant Koinly is asking for the info in order to make API calls…

Hi, can you please suggest work around? Jointly is asking for this information to make API calls to trust wallet to get transaction info

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@kyermal try to check with our developers here: Telegram: Contact @trust_developers but I don’t think there’s much we can do.

That’s nuts. This was just working a few weeks ago. I need to connect my wallet to Cointracker . I did have some success simply entering the wallet address into Cointracker, but it only worked for a few wallets.