Export wallet iotex

Hello, I want to know the private key of the Iotex address, I used the ETH private keys, but the address is different from the one generated by the iotex wallet.

With the Mnemonic Code Converter I got the other keys, but iotex (iotx) is not listed.

When converting the Iotex address from Trust Wallet, I get a different address than BSC, ETH, etc.

In 1000 addresses the 0x address corresponding to Iotex does not appear.

Does anyone know how I can find the private keys for Iotx?

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Hello @dogc can you give more details on your issue. What happened? Where did you sent your funds to.


I imported a wallet through the address and I wan to remove fund from it

Hello @Racheal1234 you can’t. If you are the owner of the wallet import through recovery phrase or private keys to have full access of your wallet.

3 Iotex addresses are generated, native io, BEP2 and BEP20

The native io when converting it to 0x … the address to retrieve the keys is not found.

The best option is not to use the native one and withdraw the funds to one generated with ioPay with access to the keys, to be able to access all the tokens of the Iotex .network.

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