Fail Transaction error withdrew eth again after 1 week

Hello, I had a transaction last week. It was stuck and fail.I think this happened again today and it resulted in a loss for me.I wanted to cancel with nonce but nonce said something like low. I know my money went to the miners and it won’t come back. But I don’t know how to cancel these failed transactions.Thank you and have a nice weekend.

Transaction ID:0x2c712b04fbbb8a8ce6317f179d316854cae1aaaead3b6666e51b8b17dba922a3

Crypto Address:0xf01de0a6ce3b1a54831c976dfa661e3c67416650


Hi, @canci07

  1. Transactions fees for failed transactions are non refundable
  2. About the error, it seems like error on Uniswap side. Contact them for clarification.
  3. There’s no pending transaction on your address.
    This guide is for canceling pending transaction: How to Cancel a Pending ETH or ERC20 Token Transaction