Failed transaction

Hi i need help ive trying to send fund 5 times and it gave me error yet i have gotten charged everytime why am i losing money doesy wallet have a problem please check 0x10A00Db5d2473351BD0e2331cEB15430293f055B


To better assist, can you provide us the following information:

  1. Trust Wallet app version
  2. Crypto address
  3. Transaction ID (if you have any)
  4. Details about your issue
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Im using the latest version 1.9.14 my crypto address 0x10A00Db5d2473351BD0e2331cEB15430293f055B transactions id 0xf2b7b80d858324f2eaedc6bd2e0753155ca986a3b8adbfbee2918938e948165f

The ETH network is quite congested right now. You can always adjust the fees but your transactions might get delayed or cancelled.
Learn more here: Cryptocurrency Network Fees
You can always check here to see the current gas prices:

If you can not do the transactions after @zachzwei suggestions, try this: How to Re-Import your Wallet

Please I have same issue, would the network transaction fee ever be returned? 0.05$ was taken twice.

Fees cannot be returned once a transaction is done. Failed or completed the fees are both used.

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Thanks, I have been trying to join forsage been trying as many times as possible, the network fee seems to be ever increasing. What do you advise I’m from Nigeria and new to crypto currency, although I have learnt you can change the fee, what would be the best to do.

If you are already using the most current version of the app and you are still having issues, best to contact Forsage. We are not affiliated with them.

Hi, ia ccidentally send USDT to my VeThor wallet. T.T
Is there anyway for me to remedy the situation?

For issues like this, we have a guide that you can follow to get the VET Private Key of the address where the crypto was sent.

Once you have the VET Private Key, you have to manually import it as an ETH wallet.

Hello ,I am facing an error in transaction as I approve transaction it access further but after few minutes my transaction amount is return back to add and fee of 8.25$ is deducted ,this happen twice in my wallet ,what’s this ?
Kindly check and do the needful to revert back my funds to my wallet.


First off, we cannot do anything about reverting fees.
Fees goes to the ETH network miners.
If you are doing a transaction, make sure you have the latest version of the app and uses the recommended fees.
If still the transaction fails, contact the platform that you are trying to submit a transaction to.
In this case, it is Forsage.
We are not affiliated with them.
Ask them for assistance.

I didn’t get one thing when they didn’t confirm my transaction how do they cut charges of that.

That is how the ETH network operates.
Fees are still taken on confirmed or even failed transactions.
Nothing goes to the app.


My question/issue:
Error on transaction, when will i get refund

Wallet provider Or exchange service:
Trust wallet

Dear sir,

I faced two time errors in translation, below are these,

transaction hash. 1

transaction hash. 2

In that both two translations I was deducted (-0.05, -0.05)
I again filled the gas & signed my contract in third time.
Now please advise when will I get refund for (-0.05, -0. 05)


I checked the transaction and it seems you are interacting with a DApp.
Just make sure you are using the updated version of the app and fees are the recommended settings.
If you still have issues, you need to contact Forsage.

We have no way to refund failed transactions as the fees are collected by the ETH miners.

Please I encounter the same error now. It shows failed transaction and after some time it disappears from my wallet but it’s still pending in the etherscan.

Version 1.11.5
Mine wallet address 0x05456c2c9135b53f6c6d187fC654e7A8127AFfF5
I was sending the coin into a smart contract

Transaction hash /0xba773696684e4ab717ba7713ae60adf2e3a08b4aa9523d56a45c4441816d23db

I do not see a pending outgoing transaction or any errors for this address.
Try to do a reimport to sync your wallet.