Failure to connect to Binance dex

I have been trying to connect to Binance dex through my mobile Trust wallet but couldn’t succeed. What really is the solution.


Maybe you can try to use VPN. Binance dex is blocked in my country, so I have to use VPN when I need to access my account.


I have never been successful too, I use a browser though with keystroke file and mnemonic. Its quite a hustle, since trust wallet doesn’t allow upload of files and since keystroke is a txt file, you won’t be able. However am sure the team will comeup with a solution. They just need to do some small tweak to the inbuild dapp browser is all.


I have not tried using it before now.

I have the same problem with all platforms
:man_facepalming:t3: How can i fix it
I tried many times but no results