Failure to send

Hello. Im having problems sending btc to a wallet . I have attached screenshots of the transaction


Me too I am experiencing that I tried to transfer my btc to trust wallet. It says invalid address.

I’m using iOS version 3.4(342)…No issues for me. wait for the reply from support team or try again.

Try using the latest version 1.12.6, Trustwallet has 2 in the play store, See the picture below is the original.
Screenshot_20200803_214400|230x500 `

Though out of the topic, let me give some help.
UTXO - Unspent Transaction Output- are unspent output transactions that are generated whenever transaction is made. These are so small in value that they require more fees to spend than they’re worth.
This slows down the network and create costs to miners and thus such transactions get ignored and returns as an error (missing inputs or UTXO)
What you can do

Don’t send small transactions with a higher fee.

Add more funds first to the wallet before sending them all out.

Lower the transaction fees before sending.

Let the remaining balance on the wallet be considerable so that it won’t be flagged as UTXO