Fake Airdrop be careful

facebook Trust-Wallet-Airdrop



15ETH and 25 BNB?, Is it legit?

Than they’re asking for our private key

Yeah but it’s a page and seems too real and they are sending this to everyone, let me try try and share the link

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Yeha man these fakers are asking for are 12 words seeds as well as pvt key fuh

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Just add face book com /

Thank for the info…

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Show me the way abeg.

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Anyone that asks for you private key is a scammer and they are trying to steal from you. NEVER, EVER, EVER, give your private keys out to anyone. And one more thing, NEVER EVER give your private keys to anyone.


Very good and well digisted. We all have to keeping into the advises that comes from experienced authority.

thank you for sharing

Many fake airdrops these days. The best step to take after seeing airdrop is find the official group to confirm if it’s real or not to avoid being scammed

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