Fake Customer Support on Telegram

:warning: Scammers will message you privately and will copy identity of administrators in order to try and deceive you. Report as Spam and Block.

:warning: Please note that if you identify any of the following behavior, they are scammers and should be reported immediately:

1. ‘Enthusiastic customer service’ - someone who takes the initiative to talk privately with you.
2. Asks for your recovery phrase or private key.
3. Asks you to deposit coins to an address to help with your issue.
4. Invites you to join a community for giveaways or airdrops.
5. Sends you a link to a form to fill.
6. Sends you link to a website in order to provide assistance.

:man_technologist:t2: If you are in need of assistance, please submit a ticket directly from within your Trust Wallet app from: SettingsAboutSupport or via web here.

Be informed, read 3 Steps to Protect your Crypto Wallet.

:closed_lock_with_key: Your keys, your crypto. Stay SAFE!

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