Theres fake trust wallet on playstore dont downlaod and fall for it…report it to playstore


why playstore let that fake app to be in their list?

They have dropped the fake app. Gross incompetence from them. I sincerely hope many didn’t fall victim

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The fake wallet is still available on Google playstore, lets flag it
Here is the link, just go to the 3dots on the top right and click ‘flag as inappropriate’ then select ‘Copycat’
FAKE TRUST WALLET :point_down::no_entry_sign::no_mobile_phones::no_entry::construction::warning:

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Really fake. I believe it is down already from playstore.

Is it still available on google play store so that I can report it

Yah we have to be careful guys lots of scammer here and there

I see on my side we have to be careful

It’s no longer there!
But please, let’s be careful!

Scammers are everywhere!

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This is actually the main issue of having android devices. Too much malware and fake apps.

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It’s a dangerous thing for that app to even exist in playstore . Is there no sort of due diligence by google before approving apps ?

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