Farming BAKE tokens on BakerSwap

Thanks to Binance Smart Chain, I can easily participate in farming DeFi tokens. And with the help of Trust Wallet, you can farm BAKE tokens all in the palm of your hand.
Let me show you how it’s done.

First you need to have some BNB on your Smart Chain wallet, get it from
You can follow this guide: How to get BNB on Smart Chain Wallet

Let’s start Baking

Next, open your DApp browser and go to this website: Change the Network to Smart Chain, by tapping the small icon on the upper right of the browser.

To earn BAKE tokens, we need to provide liquidity to the Exchange. There are several pools that you can participate in. Besides BNB, you need to get some tokens that you can stake on the individual pools.

Swap some tokens

Exchange some BNB to BUSD by going to the Exchange menu. Select BUSD on the list of tokens and then input the amount of BNB you want to do a swap with.

Complete the swap process and wait for the transaction to be done. It will not take long and it is cheap.

Add tokens to a Pool

Now we have BNB and BUSD, we can now add these tokens to the liquidity pool. On the Exchange screen, go to the Pool tab and then tap on Add Liquidity. Choose BUSD, enter the amount. The amount of BNB will be automatically calculated.

There will be two transaction that we need to confirm on the app. One is for approving BUSD to be staked and the actual confirmation of staking both BNB and BUSD. This transaction will result to some BNB/BUSD Pool Tokens.

Staking the pool tokens

Go to the Earn BAKE part of the DApp. Select the BUSD-BNB BLP from the list of baked goods (It is the Croissant).

Approve the BUSD-BNB BLP, confirm it on the app. You need to tilt your phone to see the entire screen(BakerySwap has to fix this). This will show you the BUSD-BNB Pool tokens that you earned earlier. Tap on Max then Confirm, and then wait for the transaction to be confirmed.

Honestly, no need to do a bathroom break, will be done in a few seconds.
That is it, you will start earning BAKE.


I honestly love how easy it is. What are the risks? I love risks.
Seems I heard of something like impermanent loss… Care to explain that? Would be helpful

I think its fine Atleast we tried to get luck on that tokem

This is good information

Thanks for information. But sorry to say procedure is not so easy