Feature to always maintain minimum BNB to make a transaction

If you use up all your BNB or stake it all by pressing a defi platform’s “max” button, then you suddenly find yourself without enough BNB left to do any more transactions.

At this point you are forced to some how add more BNB to your wallet, maybe by buying with FIAT or transferring from an exhange etc.

This is extremely arduous and the unfortunate UX of defi needing fees for gas.

It would be great if TrustWallet develop a feature where there is always enough BNB maintained in the wallet to complete an on chain transaction.

it could warn you if you are getting low or maybe find a way to reserve some BNB locked up in a separate wallet some how.

Perhaps a smart contract that has a small amount of your BNB which you staked/locked up and if your main wallet goes below X amount,
the smart contract will send you back your emergency fund of BNB, and you will get a message on Trustwallet saying “Your BNB has been returned ibecause your balance was low. This emergency BNB is so you can fund your next few transactions. Please top up you BNB to have enough for transactions!”

This would save the pain of not having any BNB left for gas for those of us who use defi often!


This is indeed a good suggestion.
I quite support the idea.
If done, will really be beneficial to Trusteers.


Hola buenas tardes a mi me sale que solo se puede mirar que puedo hacer hay

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Your idea is great. I also felt uncomfortable because the fee was different for each transaction.