Feedback about the network fees

Trust Wallet gonna FAIL if they kept these issue around :

  1. Not deducting network fee from amount entered (unlike their Binance). - This confusing newcomer. Taking a miserible long time to troubleshoot why.

  2. Making BNB (BSC - BEP20) as the compulsory Network fee fund. - (users need to unwillingly allocated some of their fund into BNB just for this).

Summary : These really annoyed me and will hugely influence new users not to use trust wallet.

Hi @aminor,

Please be informed that we are not the ones who are deciding on how much network fee will be charged to the user. All network fees are decided by the miners/validators, and it goes to them directly, not to Trust Wallet.

Regarding Binance, they deduct the network fee from the total amount being withdrawn since they are a centralized exchange. With Trust Wallet, you are interacting directly with the blockchain since you hold the funds and the recovery phrase/private key of the wallet. Each blockchain requires a different type of coin/token for fees. You have to research and understand further how blockchains and non-custodial wallets work.

For further information, please read the following:

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