Feedback from a brand new user

Its my first day here. Browsing through topics I’ve noticed there are some people here who are dedicating a lot of time towards helping new crypto traders like myself.

A lot of places where crypto is discussed, newb questions are not welcomed. So I just wanted to give a bug huge thank you to those people who donate their time and knowledge to get this fledgling industry on its feet. The way to do that is to get more people involved and that requires a ton of patience most people just don’t have.

Right now there is a tone of elitism among seasoned traders, and its understandable where people are rude, demanding or just refuse to do their own research. But the future of crypto is that its going to be an everyday occurrence everyone will take part in. The US Dollar is, in many ways, gasping its final breaths. We had a good run. But the future is in crypto and precious metals.

Answering our noob questions is largely a thankless job. Im not sure if this type of post is appropriate here, I am still very new, but I wanted to let these people know how important their work is here on the ground floor of an economic revolution… And how appreciated it is by people like me. :money_mouth_face: Let’s freegin GOOOOO!!!:rocket::milky_way: