Feeling uncomfortable about all my BNB and ETH gone from my Trust Wallet

Hello e1, I am new here, this is my first unfortunate post.
I used my android mobile phone to buy Tuk tokens at the etuktuk.io presale site. Wallet Connect (to trust wallet) was required. I elected the buy/stake option in the purchase procedure. Something terrible must be wrong and I have lost all my bnb and eth funds. I can see the addresses to where my funds were sent, but I don’t know the owners of the addresses.
BNB went to 0x3E06e57016C6c8E4Ab3e721f637dBEc6f99b19d7 .
Next, the BNB went to 0x6dE7CD907f42C81053964871C1702d523F960CE3 .
ETH went to 0x6dE7CD907f42C81053964871C1702d523F960CE3 .
I can supply the transaction hashes if required.
The tokens I was supposed to have bought are not appearing in the area provided for on the etuktuk.io site. So I don’t know if I have been robbed or just made some stupid mistake.
Any ideas for me?

@LesM Unfortunately it seems you fell for a phishing scam, please stop using the current wallet and create a new one immediately.
Learn more:

Thanks Tobi, I take heed of what you say. I will adopt a fortress attitude in future.