Find a BNB memo with this wallet to be able to transfer in some BNB

Friend, how in the heck do you find a BNB memo with this wallet to be able to transfer in some BNB to it? I thought that was the native coin of this wallet. What the heck?

Hi admin,

where can I procure the BNB memo on the app for BNB transactions into this wallet?
I see the question being asked a lot recently, so clearly a growing number of people really want to know. Many thanks in advance for your reply and answer.

The memo for BNB is only needed when you send to an exchange.
Non-custodial wallets like Trust Wallet, where you own your keys, don’t require a memo, just your wallet address to receive funds. If the sender forces you to use a memo to send, any combination of letters or numbers will suffice

Thanks for the reply…but does this stand if I want to transfer funds from an exchange to my Trustwallet in BNB?

I have seen threads of tokens being lost for an absence of a BNB memo. And the exchange I wish to transfer from will not allow the transaction without a BNB memo provided.

What exactly do you mean by “any combination of letters or numbers will suffice?” really? I am not sure if you are trolling me with this, rn. lol

Please advise further and in greater detail, if possible. Many thanks.

Hello, I already told you when you want to deposit BNB and any other currency requesting the memo into the Trust Wallet, you just have to copy your address from the wallet because you are the owner of the private keys for the wallet. If the sender insists on the memo, you can choose any group of numbers and you will receive in Trust.

memo is only used by central exchanges that own the address and private keys. The numbers related to the account are created to be included in the memo so that you do not lose money and are deposited into your account

Okay. Thank you for your time. You appear to know what you are talking about with some degree of confidence. I will attempt a small test transaction using this advice. Thanks again. As such, if I have a further question or issue relating to successfully completing the transaction, I will ask you for a further guidance ,in deference to your knowledge base.

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