Flokinomincs Tokens

Dear Trust Wallet Community,

I’ve been trying for almost 2 months now to fix my screw up. I’ve contracted Trust Wallet but only get damn auto-generated responses and no response from CoinMarketCap.

I fucked up and sent all my Flokinomics tokens 1,285,411.4601 from my Trust Wallet to the FLOKINOMICS contract address listed at CoinMarketCap.

I noticed that my Flokinomics tokens balance was reducing on Trust Wallet so I contracted them. Several days later I received a e-mail back. A Trust Wallet representative informed me that Flokinomics is a decentralized token and that it should be sent to a centralized wallet to stop my balance from going down. So I followed their direction and sent my 1,285,411.4601 tokens of Flokinomincs to -

Transaction tag - 0xce64790b4854f065186b0177404f7b6fd3629c0e94fbe6bb540a81150183ae25

From - 0xb210b6af2a1d1c0ede51dbcc1d1c660c35fe8bbd

Contract tag - 0x97ea5efdcb5961a99ba5c96123042507c0210ec1

Please if someone here could help me out it would be extremely appreciated…

TIA David

Hello @Dkosiewicz confirmed blockchain transactions can’t be reversed. The email you received from our support team explains everything. If FLOKINOMICS team can’t recover your funds from their contract address then, you may consider it lost. Be careful next time double check before transacting.

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Can you give me any HELP in finding a way to contact the FLOKINOMICS team?

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Hi Alan47,
Thank you. I have no idea how to contact them. I’ve tried everything I know how to but no luck. And when I tried explaining that to Trust Wallet all I get is the automated response back. Super frustrating

@Dkosiewicz you can find their socials on CoinMarketCap page: Flokinomics price today, FLOKIN to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap