Font scalability

Hello it would be great if there was an option to adjust the font size, currently I would personally like to increase the font size and it is a bit small for me, and others I’m sure want to decrease it who large holdings in penny cryptos to see there entire balance! If this could be done that would be great thanks a lot!


Just use the normal font settings on your smartphone, it automatically adjust that of the app too

Dear friend,

Depending on the browser in use, do this:

  • In the browser menu click settings.

  • Scroll to accessibility then open it.

  • Adjust the text to your desired size.

This will solve the issue with font size small on your device.


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it doesn’t increase the size at all on an iPhone 12 pro max the type is still quite small and causes eye strain, I’ve noticed a lot of these hot wallets have incredibly small type.

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