Fraud Scam Alerts!

Let the community know about any new scams and scam prevention so we can better educate and prevent fraud. One scam can affect a family, a business, a nation. Let’s do our part to help each other stay updated on scams and fraud!


The coinbase official telegram had someone posed as an admin of coinbase and scammed so many the last few days…
There was a “Giveaway” promoting the partnership between Coinbase/Tesla/& Elon Musk leading to crypto .
These are the addresses they have used to steal tons of funds from people and still are…
Ether address: 0x002DFd266cE26721C5120b1529FB560fFF6f35fb

Bitcoin address: 3EdjHYGgUZpZqxuxcyKUiFXXfyfJDYwtVD

Xrp address:

I thought this should be brought to the Trust Wallet community’s attention because they are encouraging sending from trust wallet and coinbase saying that it is what’s most compatible. This scam is huge… Already overnight the government is being blamed for millions of Bitcoin being taken out of Coinbase when these dedicated customers believed they would receive double after sending and lost it all. I’ve been so careful and this was so believable it happened to me as well… all because the admin of coinbase official on telegram with 25000+ members had submitted the giveaway… she/he even got me one more time after I reached out to her concerning my funds not being received and assured me it was real and she had been with coinbase for 4 years. I had so many different coins saved up that are gone now and was so excited this would be such a good news story for the crypto industry as I’m trying to promote mainstream Crypto news. The wallet that my funds were sent to leads to wazirx exchange… and I’ve contacted them… The coinbase official Telegram has officially been deleted after I called them on their scam.

The @BinanceAcademy prepared a whole new #SAFU series to understand scams/phishing/vishing etc and how to avoid them. Check out the following links and read articles.



Hello I just got scammed with a coin it was gmat is the ticker they got me for $1000 it showed the coin was going up up an up to I had put 500 it went up to 900 in tried exchanging the coin for bnb it wouldnt let me then it some how took the other $500 dollars i had in my bnb wallet idont know how that can even happen without me even exchanging.the bnb for gmat who donintalk to to.try an get help.or am i screwed out money can someone please help me


I honestly do not know how you tube is not banning the scam giveaways in interviews by musk, bezos , gates etc… But they will ban anything else in 2 seconds

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I just saw one on YouTube as well the other day and contacted them with no response.

Forsage and similar smart contracts are ponzi scheme and scam

You should have more conscious while chosing any projects. Read those article, so that you won’t be scammed again

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I’m not be scammed. Don’t worry

From my own point of view, no legit project or Airdrop will ask you to deposit anything such as money or cryptocurrency. Humans like get rich fast schemes and that has been what these scammers uses to steal money.

The telegram group or channel should be reported as a scam to telegram by the users who got scammed to save others, also users should learn how to contact customer care for information and inquires.

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Shame YouTube does not go after them :anguished:

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I had funds stolen directly out of my Trust Wallet today. I’m new to crypto. Is there any recourse to this fraudulent activity? I plan to leave Binance Exchange if I don’t receive a reasonable response.

Hi @Tripp,

Sorry to hear about your recent experience. If you got unauthorized transactions, here are possible reasons:

  1. You shared your 12 words;
  2. You saved your 12 words in a very bad place;
  3. Your device is corrupted;
  4. Someone has had physical access to your device.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about it. Confirmed transactions at blockchain are irreversible.

Further details here: My Recovery Phrase Has Been Exposed!

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