Fraxtal Mainnet

Does Trust wallet support the new Fraxtal Mainnet L2? Ive recently added this into my wallet as a custom coin. Fraxscan shows my balance correctly but my wallet says that I have 0 for a balance. Please help.

@Johnmayn95 That token team may need to contact the Trust wallet team to add the pricing data.
Learn more here:

Hello, I cannot post a new topic because I’ve just registered, but it’s related to this issue.

Please any mod make it a new topic if possible:

Unable to send PLS (PulseChain network)

I have added PulseChain (PLS) as a custom EVM chain to Trustwallet app.

I am not able to send any transactions and the app is not showing current balance in PLS.

PulseChain was added with data from chainlist(dot)org/chain/369

ChainID : 369(0x171)
Currency: PLS
RPC server: rpc. pulsechain(dot)com

When trying to send any transaction there is an error:

“CustomChain Custom(coinType=Ethereum, chainId=369, coinId=pls, feeRate=0.0, denom=, prefix=) not found in nodeRepository. Perhaps you need to call setNode first.”

I am sure that it worked before (like few months ago) because I was able to send PLS back then.

@hodler99 I’d suggest you delete and re add the token again then try sending out.