Freemoney: Mirror Protocol Airdrop for Uniswap Token holders

If you have held at least 100 Uniswap Tokens in your wallet on 23 November, you are eligible to receive 220 Mirror Protocol tokens worth $220 currently.

This airdrop does not support tokens held on Centralized exchanges but if you have held these tokens in your Trust Wallet, you are good to go. Congratulations :clap::tada:

To claim go to Mirror Finance Airdrop.

You will see an option to claim your MIR tokens (if you are eligible).

Support for Wallet Connect and Coinbase Wallet will be rolled out soon. So, you will have to wait for a while to be able to use Wallet Connect with the site.

Eligible UNI holders will receive 220 MIR tokens per wallet.


I suppose it’s too late for us to buy and hold in our trustwallet right ? :disappointed::disappointed: @vipul19 :see_no_evil:

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Screenshot was 23 November, otherwise everyone will buy to claim a share :wink:. I had my tokens in Binance, so even I cannot claim it. It had to be in a non-exchange wallet for the airdrop.


How? cant find the option to connect my trust wallet, only meta

OMG why would they keep doing this to me mehn I missed out on the uni token now this… Super cruel :joy::joy::joy:

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Like I said, you have to wait for sometime to use Trust Wallet. The option to connect via Wallet connect is being rolled out.


I have the uni in Im token wallet which is similar to trust wallet. However I cant see the option of connecting to the wallet? Can you advise please? THanks

the only way right now:
download metamask click on import wallet then write your imtoken wallet 12 phrase then after importing your wallet go to with metamask and claim your token check if your wallet support tokens if not you can import your wallet sameway to Trustwallet after that you can delete your imtoken wallet from metamask.

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Had anyone been able to claim their MIR Protocol airdrop from Trust Wallet? It always gives an error when I try wallet connect
I tried importing Trust Wallet to MetaMask but requires private key and I can’t find private key for TW which is strange :confused:

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Go to your settings click on wallet and click on the three dots on your multiwallet account then click on recovery phrase and there you have it.

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Wow Thanks for the info

Hey there, I tried this but the recovery phrase doesn’t work when trying to import TW to MM. Any suggestions? Cheers