Freewallet to Trust Wallet.

I use Freewallet and I want to migrate to the Trust wallet. I have some questions:

1- Freewallet have an “Exchange” option that you can convert your coins to each other. How about the Trust Wallet?

2- I want to send my EOS from the Freewallet to the Trust Wallet. Freewallet need “Memo” for sending, but Trust Wallet show me “no memo required”. How can I receive EOS?

3- If I forgot my phrases, then how can I recover my wallet?

Thank you.

  1. There is Built-In DEX that can be used to exchange your tokens
    Learn more here: What Is The DEX Inside Trust Wallet?
  2. EOS mainnet is not supported in trust wallet.
  3. always take care of your recovery phrase as that is the key to your wallet.
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    3 Steps to Protect your Crypto Wallet