Freezing account & asking for kyc

I want to know can trust wallet staff freeze wallet?
Or ask to do KYC?


It is decentralised bro. Nobody ask for kyc


You don’t need KYC for trust Wallet since it is decentralized wallet


You have a full control of your funds here. More like being your own bank… No freezing of account and no Know Your Client.

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Because it is decentralized wallet, you don’t need any KYC because your are the BOSS of your assets over there. All you have to do is to keep your private key very secure


It’s a decentralized wallet… Wallets don’t ask kyc… Exchanges do

Dear Trusteer,
Trust Wallet is a decentralized wallet. Being decentralized, you’re in charge and in control of your key.

You’ll not be bothered with KYC. Nobody will also freeze your wallet.

You’re the boss here!

Thank you!

It is your key and so your fund. Nobody can freeze your account. Except you let out your private key, nothing will happen to your wallet.

Hello. As guys before me allready answer you, you control keys (phrase), so even if app die you can still use other to access assets on your wallet (address) Still there is some blockchains that can censor some tx, allmost all stablecoins (usdt, busd, pax, usdc, etc) got feature in code taht can freeze any tokens or even burn them at your address without your permission. So of you search a coin that cant be freezed or burned without your opinion you must researxh more community driven crypto of old days like monero, ltc, btc and so on. There is not many of them that truly stated user power thru code, but many of them state themself as it in media)