Frozen Tron Not Available in Wallet

64 days my Tron has been unavailable to me do to it being frozen. It has been unstaked and I have the up to date version.

Wallet : TRU1L8RNcvGyibnXz8jkSS3xQShrSgUNBk

ID: 79d464b54fc54bff021b93092c60227ea58cdd3d1feed307c9d92591e18fe675

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photos kept showing up with error " Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.

Version 6.4(643)
Frozen 100.2438
Available 0.0094

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You have to stake whole amount frozen TRX and wait for 3 days then unstake unstake, they’ll be available.

Read how to stake TRX here: How to Stake TRON (TRX) on Trust Wallet

I’ve tried that and an error appears saying contract validate error : frozen balance must be more than 1 Tron

I figured it out thank you! I appreciate your help
Wasn’t thinking about how to solve this.