FUN FACT || TPS (Transaction Per Second)

  1. Did you know what is TPS?

TPS - Transaction Per Second is the number of transactions that a network can handle or process.

  1. Did you know how many transactions Bitcoin can handle at a time ?

The highest ever recorded TPS of Bitcoin was 7. The average TPS of Bitcoin is 5 which means Bitcoin network can handle 5 transactions at a time.

  1. Did you know ETHEREUM has the same problem ? Ethereum also can’t handle so many transactions per second. Ethereum can handle 15-20 transactions per second which is 3× faster than Bitcoin

  2. Did you know Visa can handle over 24,000 transactions per second ??? That’s 4800 times faster than Bitcoin and 1600 times faster than Ethereum.

We always try to convince non-crypto personnel that How Bitcoin/Crypto changed the banking and world But we’re still much much behind than Visa in terms of Transactions processing. We’re in Blockchain stage 4.0 where crypto can handle 1500~2000 transactions per second and I do believe Blockchain 5.0 will fix this issue and make crypto a World Wide Champion


That’s really aweful when we tak about Bitcoin TPS. By the way, nice article.


You’re right @hmangsurian but as you might have known that we’re closer to Blockchain 5.0 and there’s already a project coming this year with Blockchain 5.0 implementation namely Relictum (if I’m not wrong). Block chain 5.0 will enable 1M tps possible.


Wow :pleading_face: well said great information and we will be much more faster then visa #crypto


That is a big step backwards in the CryptoWorld. Are there other blockchains with higher TPS?

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great information. thank you


me, in my little experience. I have seen someone who promotes Bitcoin by the amount of transaction per second, in fact I do not think I have seen that as a feature although it is a reality and it is something wn cobtra of wstsr in a network of multiple confirmation per transaction giving in turn a security, and I guess that slows it down.


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There are a lot of images on the inet that show these stats graphically:

And yes, bitcoin is not very fast. But its also the oldest blockchain tech and it was built with a completely different purpose.


All this time I thought bitcoin/backchain is the fastest in processing transactions but visa beat them. Great article here.

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Bitcoin processes 4.6 transactions per second, Ethereum does 15 TPS, and Ripple handles 1,700 TPS. Newer blockchains like EOS claim 50,000 TPS, while Futurepia claims to achieve 100,000 TPS. Tectum also claim of over 1 million transactions per second.


Think about it, if Ethereum can handle 1M transactions in second or Bitcoin handles 1M transactions in second :sunglasses: then the face of crypto would change dramatically.


@ahmedtanjid, could this TPS be the reason why most of the newly created tokens are built on the Ethereum blockchain rather than on the Bitcoin blockchain?

Three things you might know and then you by yourself will find the answer.

  1. Bitcoin (The Father/King of Crypto)
  2. Altcoin
  3. Crypto Tokens

Cryptocurrency is the superset, and altcoins and crypto tokens are its two subset categories. A cryptocurrency is a digital currency used to make or receive payments on the blockchain, with Bitcoin being the most common crypto-currency.

While Altcoins are the various alternative cryptocurrencies that were released after Bitcoin experienced huge popularity and massive success. The word means other coins than bitcoins — that is, alternate coins. They’ve been introduced as improved Bitcoin replacements with promises to solve some of bitcoin’s pain points. A common example of altcoins are Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Namecoin, and Dogecoin, Ethereum. While each has tasted different success rates, none have succeeded in gaining popularity comparable to bitcoin.

On the other side Crypto tokens also referred to as crypto assets, are special types of virtual currency tokens residing on their own blockchains and representing an asset or utility. They are most commonly used to fundraise crowd sales, but can also be used as a replacement for other items.

The cryptocurrencies and altcoins are basically unique virtual currencies that have their own dedicated blockchains and are mainly used as a digital payment tool. The crypto tokens, on the other hand, run on top of a blockchain that serves as a platform for developing and executing decentralized applications and smart contracts, and the tokens are used to enable transaction.

Such crypto-assets also function as the transaction units on the blockchains that are generated using standard templates such as that of the Ethereum network that allows a user to build tokens. These blockchains operate on the principle of smart contracts or decentralized applications, where the programmable, self-execution code is used to process and handle the different transactions that exist on the blockchain.

Final Words Bitcoin doesn’t offer SMART CONTRACTS, SELF-EXECUTIVE CODING OR PROGRAMMING CAPABILITIES thus has no Crypto tokens on top of Bitcoin Network while Ethereum is the first Altcoin that offers those capabilities and therefore many crypto organizations choose Ethereum Network to build their tokens. But recently lots of Blockchain supports these capabilities and therefore crypto tokens can be built on top of these networks like NEBL, TRON etc.


@ahmedtanjid, thanks for this valuable info and in-depth analysis regarding TPS and of course the clear cut insight into the difference between/ among Bitcoin, altcoins and the crypto tokens. You are very versed in knowledge and I give it to you mate. Thanks once again. I appreciate.


1 TPS will be super fast. I hope with it comes no or low fees.
Some cryptocurrencies like $Nano are very fast with no network fee


You might be interested in learn about Avalanche consensus family and a model of blockchain, that they develop. AVA Labs, as they brand it. At they medium they got very cool explanation, while whitepaper can be found at arxiv org. Most cool thing that i see in crypto from all year, because of science part of it.

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